Other items of Importance as we near the school year end.
1. Assignments turned in- each building will have some similar methods, but some may vary from building the building. We will have totes for drop off at each building beginning the week of May 11. There will be grade level assigned totes and tables for assignments to be placed in/on. These will be clearly marked by grade level. The high school will have some special totes for career tech courses and/or similar courses.
2. Collection of materials-Books, etc.- textbooks can be dropped off at these times as well. The times may vary at each building and announcements will be done through an all-call later for days at various grade levels to avoid large crowds. Large cans, totes and tables will be used for dropping off materials and marked for texts or school related materials that need returned.
3. Locker items- are being collected and bagged with locker numbers on each bag. The elementary is doing similar bagging of items for pick-up as well from student’s desk. Items will be available for pick-up beginning the week of May 11. Some of the buildings will also have these items available during lunch pick-ups on the Wednesday of that week. Again, each building will have an all-call with further instructions as we get closer tot the drop off pick-up date.
4. Final report cards and/or transcripts availability will be announced later.
5. Summer school options through VLA (Virtual Learning Academy) will be announced later.


Grading Options- At this point, participation accreditation will be used for
promotion/retention options. No letter grades will be assigned for the 4th 9 weeks.
Lunch will continue for pick-up at the MMS and Elem until April 29 at both locations. After  Wednesday(April 29th), all pick-ups will be at the ELEMENTARY ONLY from 10-12:00 p.m.
2020-2021 School Calendar will be distributed separately.

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