kbaer_head_webKristin Baer, Meigs Primary Principal

 It's that time of year when life is getting very busy again for parents and students. Spring is almost here and life outdoors with a variety of activities will soon begin. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents of the importance of the last trimester of the year. This is when academic skills get more difficult and students still need to read or be read to every night. Here at Meigs Primary we focus on the end result, we do not average grades over the course of the year for a final grade at the end. The last trimester grades stand alone as the students’ final grade. We kicked off reading at the beginning of the 3rd trimester with a week of fun activities themed around Dr. Seuss books. We have also very recently formed a Literacy Team at the primary school. The purpose of this team is to evaluate our current literacy program and to look at educational research and best practices to implement any changes or additions to our program that we feel is necessary to improve. Our goal is to have the best literacy program possible to ensure that our students not only become great readers, but also to instill a love for reading and the purpose it has in their lives.


Kristin Baer, MPS Principal

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