rttt_stateAt the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year, the Meigs Local School District committed to joining, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education, a nationwide initiative to improve the educational experience and success of all our students. Over 500 school districts across the State of Ohio joined this initiative.

Race to the Top efforts are driven by four statewide goals:
1. Graduate more students
2. Reduce graduation gaps between minority and non-minority students
3. Narrow academic performance gaps
4. Make Ohio one of the best performing states in reading and math.

A district team of 8, comprised of both administrators and teachers, was formed to lead the charge in transforming Meigs Local School District. Our Race to the Top Transformation Team members include: Rusty Bookman(Superintendent), Michael Barnett(Curriculum Coordinator/Federal Grants), Matt Simpson(Technology Coordinator), Tim Lawson(MLTA President/Teacher), Susan Metts(High School Teacher), Lindsey Doudna(Middle School Teacher), Mary Arnold(Intermediate School Teacher), Darla Kennedy(Primary School Teacher).

Our Race to the Top goals are centered around the following areas:
1. Transparent communication
2. Academic standards and assessments
3. Using data to drive decisions
4. Effective teachers and leaders

If you are interested in learning more about Ohio’s Race to the Top Plan, please visit www.ode.state.oh.us and click on the state icon.

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